Thursday, October 4, 2007

Catching Up With Reality

First things first: who’s number one on the Forbes Celeb-sell list? That’s right: Jennifer Aniston. Turns out we’ll buy anything with her face on it.

2nd BATG Pair Gone

When Rebecca picked Hollie and Josh because the beauty was already geeky and the geek was pretty charming, she got it absolutely right. In other words, they had learned all there was for them to learn. They didn’t need to be in the house any longer. I respected that she didn’t choose them for the elimination room because they were a threat to her team.

On the other hand, Will's choice of Erin and Jesse because he didn’t feel they interacted with the other teams was ludicrous. Will has been lording his wins over everyone and he really ought to take Rebecca’s advice and work on his humility. At least Rebecca recognizes that she’s been distracted by the good-looking and unintentionally hilarious Sam. (How about his comment that he needs good abs because you never know when a girl is going to pull his shirt up? LOL! Love it!)

Kid Nation

Taylor has got to get a grip on herself. The former beauty pageant queen has been yelling at everyone to just “deal with it” whenever she tells them something they don’t want to hear. Sophia tried to get the town to hold an election to replace the young Town Council member but poor little Taylor cried and swore to do better so they gave her a second chance. From what we can see in next week’s previews, though, she doesn’t take that to heart as she should have.

Gold star winner Mallory from Indiana has got to be the cutest thing around. I love her spunky attitude! Because of her sister, she won the star on her 9th birthday which was a sweet gesture for the kid (who wouldn’t want to win $20K before they hit double digits?) but was a poor choice by the Council who really should have chosen Greg (again) or possibly Morgan. The Council - led by Taylor - also made a huge mistake when they picked a microwave over pizza. Those kids needed to eat! The Yellow team fell down on the job for two weeks and the kids really needed a pick-me-up. What on earth will they microwave?

Kitchen Nightmares

Got to love Gordon Ramsay. I just do. I love him in this series. Again, the manager is underworked and overschmoozing. Where do they get these guys? Mike, the manager of a small restaurant in Long Island, is an emotional lazybones who takes half of the waitress’ tips and thinks a giant orange sign will bring in customers - a real class act. But Gordo whipped that place into shape with new décor and a health-based menu, reinvigorating the sadsack chef/owner who finally spoke up to Mike, although being the nice guy that he is - and Ramsay isn’t - he gave the guy a second chance.

Love it.

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