Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jesse & Erin are Gone!

My fave couple in BATG lost last night and I'm completely bummed. I loved Erin the Beautician! She began the show a little snotty with a sort of "whatever" attitude toward the geeks but she quickly came around and loosened up. By last night's show, when they were all at Comic Con, she was actually a little geeky herself!

The fact that Nicole and Sam won again - because Sam was basically being himself with a bare chest and tight shorts - really cheesed off the rest of the couples. I could kind of see how the Comic Con judges picked him (he was really funny and the idea of a superhero using a special tanning spray to ward off evil was very clever) but he's just such an egotistical clod. Head Honcho is convinced Sam chose John and Jesse to go to the elimination room because they were the next 2 best-looking men in the house. LOL!

As for the remaining groups, I do still love Jasmine and Dave the Larper - they have defnitely learned from last week when Josh called them out on their lack of growth - and I adore Josh and Shay who seem to work well together. But William has got to go! He was so rude to Jen when she made her superhero suggestions. He is supposed to be this big time comic book collector - couldn't he be a little nicer and say, "Okay, let's think about this suggestion that your character hypnotizes people with her boobs. Can we go for humor or maybe do something else?" He has been so anti-Jen from the get-go, it hasn't been fair to her to have him as a crappy partner.

So now we're down to 5 couples. A trip to Mexico is next - troubles ensue. Hmmm....

Your Hollywood connection,