Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kids Will Be Kids

Last night on Kid Nation, Taylor showed herself to be the real drama queen that she is - and she dragged poor little Leila around with her. I applaud the older kids for tempering the younger ones' anger with her, especially DK, the deserved winner of the gold star. Unfortunately, these kids learned that you can't make someone do something - can't make them work or be part of a team or even contribute in a meaningful way. If they want to deal with Taylor, they will have to use other means besides yelling and punishing her (neither of which work - they're kids! They should know that!).

I continue to be impressed with the choices the kids make. Even if they fall now and then, as we all do, they ultimately make the decisions that are best for them and for the town. I think that says a lot about how they were raised and who their parents want them to be. As much as teachers and other classmates can be a positive influence in kids' lives, it's up to the parents to be the primary role models. Look at a kid like Guylan who is homeschooled. He has shown himself to be a hard worker and a team player, respectful of others and kind. He's obviously getting that from home.

I have heard from just one friend who told me she watches the show. She doesn't have kids either. Wonder if that means something.

I am 2 episodes behind on Dirty Sexy Money. I have to catch up on-line. Erg.

Today's research: 80s Rock Bands

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