Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Power Couple is Gone on BATG!

Thank goodness Will and Rebecca are gone from the mansion. As much as I liked them (before they kept winning and before Rebecca was involved with Sam), I was glad to see them go. They were the root of too much tension among the couples.

Now I have to say, I think it was a bad decision to bring Sam into the fold. He’s not there to learn or win or even work with his partner. The show used to be strictly about learning from each other and growing as individuals and with the presence of Sam, the girls (and guys) tend to return to their catty ways. Who needs that in yet another reality show?

I’m not a fan of reality shows where people make alliances and get other people kicked off simply because they don’t like them. I like shows where people win or lose because of their own skills. This is why I can’t watch Survivor. Even Idol gets on my nerves like that sometimes when America is voting (and America is not known for getting its votes right).

More reality tonight: Kid Nation and Kitchen Nightmares. Wednesday is turning into a good TV night. And here I thought I would have nothing to watch until Lost returns in February.

Your Hollywood connection,