Monday, June 2, 2008

BEA is F-U-N!

If you think being surrounded by thousands of books, authors, publishers and small dogs in cute outfits is fun, then this was the funnest time ever!

Book Expo America (BEA) was held this weekend at the LA Convention Center in downtown LA and it was amazing! My friend and fellow writer Chandra and I became exhausted and our shoulders and neck throbbed from carrying so many pounds of brand new books from one side of the floor to the other - and back - and back - and back - and then out to my car. Thank goodness for coat check where we could store some books and then go back for more!

We were lucky enough to pick up some fantastic books (I'll be giving some away soon - not just YA but also some cool middle grade and adult books too!) and to get some autographs from our favorite authors.

Like Dean Koontz! Yes, THE Dean Koontz! He was so very cool and gracious. He was signing his late dog Trixie's book, "Bliss is Good." It is HIGH-larious! In fact, it was so funny, I laughed out loud many, many times while HH was watching "Into the Wild" last night. That is NOT a movie you laugh at. It is WAY serious. Anyway, I sort of expected Trixie's book to be one of those maudlin inspirational books people write about animals. Oh my, no. This was so very funny, I wish I had picked up several copies for friends who have dogs. Maybe I'll have to actually but it when it comes out.

So, reviews of the new books will come. As will some giveaways here and on the website. And to prove I was there and actually saw the hysterically funny John Hodgman, here are a couple of photos of Chandra getting her book signed by him. He too was gracious and kind and he has MUCH better hair in person than he does on television.

This week's fun includes a LIVE CHAT with ThePageFlipper!!! Thursday, June 5th at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific (I have to make a note of that because I am sooo bad at math.). She's got a MySpace page and brand new website,, that will probably tell you more than I can! Check it out...