Friday, June 6, 2008

Leigh's First Chat!

It was a smashing success!

If I do say so myself...

And how much FUN did I have????

Here is a picture of me having fun as I was chatting live on-line for almost two hours! (Thanks to my Ninja Webmaster for the picture!)

You can't tell but I'm chatting furiously with our host, Chelsea, and guests, Megan, Anilee, Breanna, Carol, Eliza, Lauren, Breakingnews, Chelsie, Liv and Hope. And of course, Mojo!

Here's Mojo having fun too! (Hard to tell, huh? Trust me, this is him having fun...)

There was dancing on the tables (by Mojo) and talk about Coney Island (with Mojo) and places to visit in Brooklyn (Mojo's opinions). And oh yes, we talked about favorite books, current books, books that inspire us, books on our long to-read lists, authors we love (Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen and Stephenie Meyer and Laurie Halse Anderson and James Patterson and Cassandra Clare and Catherine Murdock and many, many more) and maybe 1 or 2 or 10 people told me I have to read every single word of the Twilight series, including the copyright and acknowledgments pages!

And then there was the writing stuff - the questions about how I write, what I write on, where I write. Do I outline? (Yes!) Do I like revising? (Yes!) Any advice? (Finish that! And write every day!)

And what would a chat be without non-writing topics? World travel and foreign languages! Favorite food! Favorite movies! Favorite television shows!

The answers: Italy, French, Chinese, 12 Monkeys, Lost...

Just like a regular party, people came, left, got a snack or answered the phone, returned, danced on a table or two, claimed to have another engagement, forgot their keys and came back again, sneaked some dessert, and finally finally left with hugs and kisses and promises to write very soon.
And my favorite question of all? From Breakingnews: is there a sequel to ALL ABOUT VEE coming out? Ah, it is written but without a pub date. Maybe soon. Maybe in the future. Maybe baby. We'll have to see...

Everyone was so welcoming and warm and kind and they made me feel like such a...writer!

Thank you, thank you to Chelsea for hosting at her fab website,! I had such a good time, I hope you ask me back! And if anyone has any questions, they should definitely email me or go to my Myspace page or my Facebook or post here at my blog (my gosh, I have a million ways to keep in touch!).

And now, I'm off to do writerly things in my writerly life.