Thursday, June 26, 2008

SSP Part 2

The fact is that whenever I have anything remotely interesting going on - a school or library visit, a reading, a contest or guest blog - that's the only thing I can think about. So when I open up my blog, I think to myself, "Hmm...what can I tell people about today? I know, my blah-blah-blah is happening today/tomorrow/a year from now. I'll write about that!"

And that is exactly how you get fifty million posts about the same thing. Frankly, I have a one-track mind (altho it rarely thinks about Frank).

So here we go again, Leigh with her singular mode of thinking:

Tonight at 7PM, I will be at the Wallingford Public Library to read from and talk about LOVE, MEG. And on Sunday, the 29th at 2PM, I will be reading and signing ALL ABOUT VEE at the Borders in Farmington.

I really do hope people can come. In all honestly, it's not about book sales, it's just boring to be alone or with Head Honcho (he already knows all my stories!) and I'll end up eating all the snacks. So if you know people who might be interested, bring them along or send them in your place and make them pretend it's you.

As we used to write in correspondence at a company I temped for, Thank you in advance for your cooperation.