Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

1. I'm a Wikipedia entry! I'm so excited about this I can hardly stand it. I use Wiki like, a million times a day, and here I am, listed and everything. Check it out....Leigh in Wikipedia!

2. The winner of a free signed hardcover of LOVE, MEG will be announced next week. You can still enter to win over at Teen Book Review's blog where I was a guest blogger. Just post a comment, something like, "Leigh, you're the most awesome writer that ever lived!" or maybe just, "Hey, give me a free book!"

3. And speaking of blogging, I'll be a guest blogger at Young Adult's blog next week. Not sure of the date yet but you can come check that out too.

4. Next week I'll be on the east coast, doing some east coast book-type things. On June 26th I'll be reading and talking at the Wallingford Public Library (Connecticut) at 7PM and on June 29th I'll be reading and signing at the Borders in Farmington (Connecticut) at 2PM. I'm pretty excited about both of those visits - as you know I love libraries and who wouldn't love people who sell books? Especially mine!

5. The first rewrite of the book I finished last week is almost done. My deadline for getting it finished was this upcoming trip. I hate having things hanging over my head. Now I will be free to think about the rewrite of another book (I swear I do love rewriting) and developing a brand new idea which I am super-duper thrilled about. I can't wait to allow my mind to explore a new story with new characters - so many possibilities!

And last but not least...
6. Who watched Celebrity Circus on Wednesday night? Come on, raise your hands! How much fun was it to see Peter Brady (a/k/a Christopher Knight) set himself on fire? Or Wee Man tumble around in a wheel? Personally, I'm rooting for Rachel Hunter, who is the most graceful of all of them. Maybe she's not as athletic as the others but she looks fantastic!