Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Book list update...

Okay, so I have re-organized my piles of books and come up with the following list, in the order that the books need to be read. Let me say right up front that I will read the Meyers books at the same time, beginning with Twilight.

--The Ghosts of Kerfol
--Babylon Rolling
--Simon Bloom, Gravity Keeper
--This Lullaby
--Chasing the Jaguar
--Catch a Mate
--The Lace Reader
--Millicent Min
--Someone Like You
--The Smart One and the Pretty One

There are more, I know, but I had to stop there because I'm pretty sure something will interrupt me, like my own work or something lame like that. The reason for this reorganization is twofold: one, if I don't make a list, I won't read the books at all and two, I want to give a lot of them away.

That's right, contests! Everyone else has contests so why not me? Right now, I am deciding how to divide them up, logically. They will be in reading packages, not single books, because I want to get them out there. What people do with them after that is their own business - give them away yourselves, donate to libraries, sell on eBay, whatever.

What this also means is I CAN'T BUY ANY MORE BOOKS! HH and I were in our fave used bookstore on Sunday and the urge to buy - to look - to glance quickly at - all of those books was so strong, I had to insist to HH that he keep me away from them.

I could seriously buy more books than I could ever read in a lifetime, like Burgess Meredith's character in that classic Twilight Zone episode, the one where he has all the time in the world to read - finally - after he survives a bomb blast but then breaks his only pair of glasses (ah, the pathetic irony). I have on my bookshelves a couple of King novels I haven't read plus a Koontz and some nonfiction, and that is simply inexcusable. The books are there to be read! I think I need to take a year off and just read...