Monday, June 9, 2008

Celebrity sighting with chopsticks!

Okay, brace yourselves...this was a GOOD one...

Let me set the scene for you as they say here in Hollywood:

The location is Buddha's Belly, a hip Asian restaurant in LA, where people come more for the food than the atmosphere. It's a weekday evening, around 7:15, and the early eaters - those with kids and pets to go home to - are splitting. The valet outside is parking SUVs and hybrids, nothing too fancy or out-of-the-ordinary.

Not a paparazzo in sight.

A tow-headed youngster gallops around the restaurant, not particularly noisy or bothersome, cute in his shorts and collared shirt. A woman keeps tabs on him, not chasing him down but rather watching him so he doesn't run outside and into the street or other diners.

And who is he? Who is this little boy? Why, he's the son of Gwen Stefani!

Yes, THE Gwen Stefani was dining in the same casual, reasonably priced Asian restaurant as me and my friends! She was so low-key and reserved that we didn't even notice her until she and her table left. The woman with her son was obviously a nanny, which left Gwen to enjoy some tofu and veggies or maybe the mahi mahi and risotto special. Alas, no Gavin! She was with a couple of male friends (one in the brightest pink polo shirt I have ever seen - he stood out more than she did!) and left quietly, scooping up her boy and letting him grab onto her stubby blond pigtail.

Gwen herself was not dressed like this:

But more like this:

Pregnant with baby number 2 and wearing a long black dress, a loose starched cotton with white edging, sandals. Her hair was pulled back and she had little to no makeup on. She was in total mama mode! Fantastic!

I didn't think fast enough to get my cell phone out to nab a pic but the restaurant just isn't like that. It's a place more enjoyed by locals who recognize each other as they're seated indoors and out or stop by to get takeout. Excellent food, btw.

So there you have it! My third great celebrity sighting in a week! Wowsa!