Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real celebrities have curves

Celebrity Circus - an appreciation

Yes, I am being completely honest and sincere about this. Last night HH and I watched Celebrity Circus, the NBC show that takes a handful of celebs and trains them in acrobatics for 8 weeks, then throws them in front of three judges (one of whom is British, of course) and America votes.

It was mesmerizing. First of all, as graceful as ballet has made me, I don't think I could EVER in a million years do what they did. Sure, they had harnesses as they were suspended fifty feet in the air but they were twirling and spinning and there was definitely a degree of fear in the air.

But the real reason I loved it and continued to root for the contestants? 3 of the 4 women had curves. And I mean real, honest-to-goodness God-given curves, not the kind people buy at the doctor's office. Rachel Hunter (the supermodel), Stacey Dash (the actress), and Blu Cantrell (the singer) all had shapes that are not typically in tight Spandex with sequins and tassels on broadcast television.

And they were sexy. And graceful. And adventurous. And brave. And gorgeous.

The 4th woman was Janet Evans, the former Olympic swimmer who had six pack abs at the age of 37. My admiration for her is of a completely different nature.

So yeah, I'll watch again.

One more thing: choreographer Louie Spence has got to be the first openly-gay talent judge on one of these network "family shows." How awesome is that?