Monday, June 23, 2008

Traveling today so I am wicked tired.

Remember the old movies with those romantic scenes of people flying across the country? Passengers got all duded up with hats and furs and jewelry (ok the furs are a little un-pc) and everything was so fancy? Yeah, well, those days - if they ever existed - are long past.

I don't mind paying for things like food because honestly, who needs crap food on a plane (although I must say, food on Alitalia and Virgin Atlantic is awesome - but that's overseas so they charge a lot of money for the tickets and pretty much have you captive for ten hours). I'd much prefer to bring my own snacks like veggies or crackers but a simple glass of water? On a cross country flight? You want to CHARGE me for that?

And paying for luggage? What IS air travel without your luggage? Should we ship our clothes ahead of time? HH thinks it won't be long before we all travel naked; the airlines will hand us those disposable paper gowns like they give you at the doctor's office.