Monday, August 25, 2008

Cool Stuff About Cool Friends

Many congrats to a few friends of mine who have some awesome things going on in their lives (through which I plan to live vicariously):

First, kudos to Lisa who will be on The Tyra Banks Show! Whoo-hoo! Lisa told me they flew her out to NYC for the taping, which is about dieting and how it affects relationships. They did her hair (fabulous) and makeup (fantastic) and put her in some gorgeous clothes (ooooh!). She doesn't have an air date for the episode yet but she promises to tell me when it will be so I can tape it and watch it over and over!!

Second, kudos to Holly whose poetry was turned into a short film that will be shown at the Healing Through Creativity art festival being held in West Virginia this Fall. Check it out here at their website for more information. Holly's film is called "Cycle" and will be on the big screen on October 17th PLUS she will be reading aloud from some of her work. If anyone's in the area, I hope you'll check it out for me since I won't be anywhere near there on that date!

Third, kudos to Chris whose short film "Fleece" was shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this weekend. I saw this hilarious short at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival last week and thought it was fantastic! The audience went crazy for it!

I'm so thrilled for Lisa, Holly, and Chris and I can't wait to read/see/hear more about their experiences very soon!