Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

Beachy Goodness!

Ninja Webmaster and I took a trip to the beach on Wednesday afternoon to clear our heads and get some perspective - the beach always helps that. The weather was fine but the water was oh-so-cold!

Here's the Ninja dipping his toes very carefully in the water:

And here he is, all close-up and personal, showing off his funny t-shirt:

(And no, this was not a purchased tee; just some hilarious swag from my days at the network.)

Of course, what is Leigh doing? Reading a book! The best time to catch up on reading:

In this case, I'm devouring Claire LaZebnick's THE SMART ONE AND THE PRETTY ONE, which will be released in a couple of weeks and you should all check it out.

Check this out too. Ninja's latest video...wish I could say it was my idea but I was there when it happened! Does that count?

A couple of important reminders:

--If you haven't already done so, make sure you enter a comment over at Chelsea's blog on to win a signed copy of ALL ABOUT VEE! Contest ends this weekend!

--The lovely Harmony has posted her review of ALL ABOUT VEE on her website, Harmony Book Reviews. Yay! It still tickles me that she liked it so much and thought it was far deeper than she anticipated it would be. It does my writer's soul good to read that.