Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teens Read Too Gives VEE 5 Stars!

Whoo-hoo! What a great review from Teens Read Too!

Here's an excerpt and honestly, one of my favorite lines ever about the book:

"ALL ABOUT VEE was, to use a single word, unexpected. I didn't realize there'd be so much depth in the novel, despite it's length. I figured it'd be something between GOSSIP GIRL and SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE, but it was something so much better than that."

Thank you, TRT! And thank you Harmony for reviewing the book! It's so great when a reviewer gets more out of the book than she thought she would - I'd so much rather be "unexpected" than "disappointing." I can't wait to get this review on my website.

Now I'm off to the beach! Cheers~