Monday, August 25, 2008

VEE Contest at The Page Flipper!

Free Vee?

Can it be?


Chelsea at The Page Flipper is holding a contest to win a SIGNED copy of ALL ABOUT VEE! All you gotta do is post a comment over there and maybe YOU will be a winner! Whoo-hoo!

I will personally sign the book - with your name or maybe the name of someone you'd like to give it to (any name as long as it's not "Ebay" hehehe) - and ship it out to you. From my own post office! Yes, that's right! The post office right up the street from me which I will walk to and hand deliver to the post office person (they don't say "mail man" anymore, tsk-tsk).

And in October, I'll be doing a chat with The Page Flipper herself and her fantastic friends - many of whom I met in June during my first awesome chat! Can't wait for that!

Now, how much more incentive do you need? Get on over there and enter the contest!

Free Vee!