Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knitting up a frenzy

Recently I've had a number of requests for more information about the leg warmers pictured in the right hand column of this blog. One person wanted to know if I was holding a contest for them; another wondered why they're there in the first place. So I thought I'd clarify a few things...

First of all, these specific pairs are not for sale. The white ones are my own personal pair and the blue ones are my friend Algie's. They are merely the samples to show what certain yarns knit up like.

Second of all, I knit them myself. Just me by my lonesome when I'm watching television or chatting, no sweatshop workers slaving away to produce, produce, produce!

Third of all, I'm always up for bartering. If someone is interested in a pair, everything can be negotiated...I learned that from my dad.

And last, I love to knit but I'm not terrifically skilled. I suppose I could learn to make sweaters and socks and such but that knowledge would probably push out other crucial stuff from my brain, like my cell phone number. Plus I like to make simple useful items: blankets, scarves, hats, and now, leg warmers. As a dancer and dance teacher, I love to have new clothes to wear to class and for a few bucks, I can knit up something new - plus they make great gifts for people.

There you have it. It's extremely satisfying to make something for someone else or for yourself. And fun too!