Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

The in-between time.

1. I finished "Twilight" and am now debating if I want to continue on with the series, knowing there are 3 more giant books to go. I kind of want to spread out my reading time on other books in my stack (there are many, many novels threatening to topple over my nightstand).

2. I finished a short story and am now debating if I want to try to enter it into a contest or send it to magazines. My Ninja Webmaster wants to put it on the website for readers instead but then is that considered "published"? Hmmm....

3. I'm finished with the Olympics. Last week was swimming and gymnastics and this week was gymnastics and track and volleyball but I think I'm done. All the stuff I enjoyed is over and things are winding down. I have books to read and movies to watch.

4. I'm finished with teaching for the summer. The studio where I teach is closed until after Labor Day so now I suddenly have my evenings free. Whatever shall I do? Um, read books and watch movies? And yes, go to the beach!!!

5. I finished a knitting project and am waiting for more yarn to come in so I can get started on the next 6 projects I have to do. And oh yeah, I have to order more yarn.

I hate being between things, between projects, between jobs and books and writing. I am not good with down time. I can take vacations (kind of) but I still want to check my email and my Amazon numbers and write in my blog. So then I guess that's not really a vacation.

I hate the in-between time.