Monday, October 27, 2008


So you've got your bra on and you mean business. You're ready to write, right?

Not so fast there, cowgirl. You ain't nowhere near ready til you get some food in your stomach. How can you possibly create when you're running on empty?

Here's how I do it:


I hate just one kind of cereal. And do not give me sugar in the morning. I'm like a gremlin that way.
All day.

Gotta have Joe's joe. Many cups, sans cream or sugar.


Master the carbs = master your mind. No, seriously, I just love the taste and it's really cheap and cheap is a key word in Writer Land.

Afternoon snacks.

Surprisingly, carrots are very very tasty with black coffee. If I'm super hungry, I'll snack on the breakfast cereal. Lots of good stuff in those boxes: complex carbs 'n stuff.

Vitamin supplement.

We pescaterian girls need all the help we can get. And extra calcium since I do soy instead of cow's milk.

Okay, now I can write.

Wait, what time is it? Dinnertime? Well, maybe I'll write tomorrow.