Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

4 Books on my To-Read Pile

1. HOT WIDOW by Phyllis Gebauer - this is a memoir by a woman I met when I was doing a promotional tv show for the Duarte Festival of Authors. Phyllis is hilarious! She also teaches writing at UCLA. Our tables were next to each other for the festival and we had a ball hanging out together. Can't wait to read it!

2. CATCH A MATE by Gena Showalter - I picked this up at Book Expo in May when Gena was signing at Harlequin. My friend Chandra said her books are awesome - romance with lots of humor which is the way I like it.

3. ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer - I'm only halfway through NEW MOON so obviously this one will have to wait until I'm finished. And about half a dozen people have volunteered to loan me BREAKING DAWN so I guess I got that one covered.

4. ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan - I cheated and saw the movie first which will spoil the plot for me but not the novel itself. It was completely by accident! I was visiting the family in June and they had netflixed it and wanted to watch so what could I say? Great movie which means the book will be even better.