Monday, October 13, 2008

Reverse Psychology

Do you think reverse psychology works on inanimate objects?

From the Urban Dictionary:

"a technique of convincing a person that they will not succeed in hopes that it will spur them to succeed; a technique employing pessimism in order to effect a positive outcome"

I use this technique most successfully with HH when I need him to cook or clean something for me. I often suggest that he's not manly enough to broil the salmon or not strong enough to scrub the toilet and this usually works on his ego and I get the salmon or a clean bathroom in a matter of minutes.

But what about the publishing industry? Do you think if I were to use reverse psychology on it, I might become successful? As in,

"Oh no, I don't want to be on a bestseller list. That would be horrible."


"Please, do not buy my new manuscript because I would hate that."


"Seriously, my world would crumble into bits and pieces if you made me an offer. Whatever you do, do not buy my new book. Just send my agent a form rejection and move on."

Cuz right now, I'm in the please buy my new book mode and it doesn't seem to be working.