Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

4 Treats & 2 Promised Treats a Week Before Halloween

1. SCBWI Northern California Conference, YA Panel, 12PM, Saturday Oct 25th. I'll be panelling alongside Elizabeth Partridge and CG Watson with Margaret Speaker Yuan moderating. Whoo-hoo! Oakland's in da house! (Is that how the hip kids say it?)

2. 11th wedding anniversary, Saturday, Oct 25th. HH and I were married in a tiny Italian restaurant called Brunetta's in the East Village of New York City. It's where we had our first date and where he proposed; he was planning to do it at the Empire State Building but there were a million people in line to go up to the top - this was August, after all. Sadly, Brunetta's is gone but it was fantastic while it lasted. (Is that a bad sign?)

3. Wedding of our friends Shan and Beth, Sunday, Oct 26th. HH is one of Shan's groomsmen which means he has to wear a tux! He's never worn one - he wore a nice suit for our wedding, which doesn't fit him anymore. (Is that a bad sign too?)

4. I've finished a new draft of a new manuscript but I absolutely positively know it needs to be revised and polished. Whew...thank god I like these characters or this would be a miserable experience. In the meantime, I've got a short story up on my website - which I think I mentioned last week - and honestly, why would I say "I think" when all I have to do is look back at my blog? So yes, I did mention it. It's called "I Brake for Whales" and it's kind of creepy. Check it out.

And next week's promised treats are 2 posts about the writer's life:
--the importance of shaving one's legs and underarms and the effects thereof on one's creative talents