Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Your Room in stores today!

On Tuesday, I had a yummy decaf Americano at Bottega, a small Italian cafe/restaurant in Larchmont Village in LA with my friend and fellow author, Jordanna Fraiberg, whose debut novel, In Your Room, is in stores today!

For those of you unfamiliar with the lovely Jordanna, here are 5 facts about her:

1. She's originally from Canada.
2. She's a former professional squash player (yes, I actually know a professional athlete!).
3. She worked for many years in the movie business - and we actually worked in the same building for at least a year without even knowing it!
4. She recently married and has some of the most gorgeous wedding photos of anyone I've ever seen on her Facebook page.
5. She has all her own teeth (I'm just guessing on this one but she does have a beautiful smile).

And a 6th bonus fact...Jordanna is the number one person I would high-five if I were a high-fiving kind of person.

I love hanging out with her; she's sweet and so smart and funny and she makes me want to use big words. It's also a huge amount of fun to talk to a fellow writer because they know exactly what you're going through on a daily basis: the ups and downs of Amazon numbers, the good and bad of Goodreads reviews, the word count (oh, the word count!). They also know you have to make time to actually get out and talk to people and to give yourself an opportunity to wear clothes that are not jeans and a Home Depot t-shirt.

Seriously, I tried on 4 different outfits before settling on the one I actually wore to meet with Jordanna. Why? Because a) I had no idea what looks good on me anymore b) I couldn't possibly wear all my old, good clothes at once and c) when you're not used to choosing from among a selection of clean clothes, you feel really lost when faced with a closet full of them.

Anyway, back to Jordanna...she's currently on a blog tour, guesting on blogs all over the web and doing interviews, and she's gotten some terrific reviews for her book. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! If you can't find one in stores near you, order it on-line here!

And don't forget! Tonight at The Page Flipper, I'm chatting LIVE (that's me, really, not anyone posing as me) with whoever shows up at 4PM Pac/7PM Eastern. So I hope you'll be there!