Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

1 Brand New Short Story Posted on my Website

Yep. That's it for my random thoughts. Ninja Webmaster posted a short story I wrote as a Halloween treat. I like writing shorts - but my version of a short story is probably another person's novella. You can't read this in one sitting, or maybe you can if you have a longer attention span than I have.

Check it out...Happy Halloween!

And 1 Giant Thank You (postscript added)

I had a fantastic time chatting with everyone last night, thanks to Chelsea, the Page Flipper, who hosted the chat. Great questions and a lot of lovely and lively chatter. Thanks to Chelsea, Chelsie, Nicole B., Harmony, Steph, Lauren, Mika, Breaking News, Khy, Carol and Hurdler4eva for coming and hanging out for a while. And if I missed anyone among the guests, I apologize - there were a lot of people when I joined!