Saturday, January 26, 2008

Countdown to LOST

Here in my household, HH and I began the countdown to new LOST episodes last May. But we can officially say now there are only 5 days until LOST returns to the air, even for just 8 short weeks.

I know we have no hope of the show returning full time because even if the strike ended tomorrow, the production company has to get everyone back to the set and building things and the actors have to come back from wherever they are and the writers have to, you know, write the scripts.

I think the general public assumes writers are home working on scripts for shows and movies but they aren’t doing any work at all - that’s the whole point of the strike! Just like autoworkers when they’re on strike, the writers are on the picket lines - not working.

The hope that we could return to a season of our favorite shows has long since passed.

But we do have 8 weeks of LOST! And as many Mediums as they have completed and a few Aliens in America. I’ll take whatever I can get!

Your Hollywood connection,