Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No Globes but Snow Globes

Sadly, the Golden Globes are not to be this year which is a real shame

(shame on you, producers!)

because they are so much fun. The audience is usually filled with actors and directors and writers from both television and film and they mingle during the commercials and drink and eat and it's so much less formal than the Oscars. And everyone remembers the year Christine Lahti was in the ladies room when her name was called and she had to rush on stage out of breath! Things like that don't happen at the Oscars or Emmys.


Instead there will be a press conference covered by NBC and a Dateline special that will include some clips, although I don't know how they will be able to do that since the WGA did not agree to clips for the Globes. Gorgeous George suggested the writers and producers be locked in a room together and not come out until they made a deal. Didn't they try that already? It was called negotiations and they broke down horribly just before the holidays. I think the WGA has to continue what it's doing and go the divide-and-conquer route by making deals with different studios and production companies individually, as it did with United Artists and Worldwide Pants.

We need to get our quality entertainment back on the air! These bad reality shows and cast-off mid-season replacements are driving me to Netflix and the Internet!

And for a hearty belly laugh, you absolutely must check out "Ask a Ninja's" rant on the strike:


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