Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Last Word on the Globes

Today is a gorgeous day in Southern California. Low 70s, warm sunshine, people wearing flip-flops in January. I love it. Today would be a great day to be over at the red carpet outside the Beverly Hilton, trying to peer through the crowds of paparazzi at the arriving stars, dressed in their finest. Alas, there will be nothing outside the hotel today but cars trying to get to the movies in Westwood.

I read a great op-ed piece in the LA Times the other day. SharonWaxman outlines the need to revamp the Globes - from the journalists who are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to the perks they receive that have in the past unduly influenced them. It's a fascinating insight into the inner workings of that organization - one that the general public assumes is not only upstanding but much larger than it actually is. Check out her essay here.

Now that the DGA has begun talks with the AMPTP, does that mean the producers will finally settle with the WGA? Everyone in Tinseltown sure hopes so. Hold fast, writers! Don't cave on the issues that are important to you - to all of us who hope to one day be in the guild!

Your Hollywood connection,