Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two More Days…

‘Til LOST is back!

Tonight ABC reminds us of what’s come before on the past three seasons of this groundbreaking show during a 2-hour special. And tomorrow, in the hour slot before the very first new episode, there will be yet another clip show. You cannot escape LOST - and frankly, why would you want to?

‘Til the LOVE, MEG contest is over!

You have until January 31 to enter the contest at to win an autographed copy of LOVE, MEG. I will personally inscribe it to whomever you choose (nothing naughty, please!) and sign it with my very own pen in my very own hand and then send it to you!

Your other option to win a free signed copy is to come to the reading I will be holding at the Durant library here in Hollywood on February 12th at 4:30PM. Check my website for more info. I’ll be holding a raffle there too.

(Did I mention LOST returns tomorrow night? I did? Okay, just checking…)

Your Hollywood connection,