Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Great Books to Read

Update: Leigh's hunger for reading material continues unabated. Although she has already consumed far more books in the last week than she did in the past three months, still she is not satisfied. She must have more, More MORE!

Yes, that's right. The more books I read, the more books I must read. I feel like I can't possibly catch up with all the books I need to finish, let alone want to finish. In fact, much to my dismay, I haven't even cracked the latter list, which is basically all of the sequels to some of the books I'm reading now! Plus more new and wonderful authors appear on the scene every day and I want to give them a chance too.

This week I finished Cecil Castellucci's "The Queen of Cool," Rachel Cohn's "Pop Princess," and David Levithan's "Boy Meets Boy." All three were fantastic for very different reasons. And again, I recommend all three without reservation to both teens and adults, especially David's book which opened my eyes as I don't believe they had been opened before. I loved this book! And I want to know where in the heck Paul's town is! Clearly it's an easy train ride into Manhattan which means Connecticut or upstate NY but really, is it possible such a liberal town exists? As Fox Mulder says, I want to believe.

I was hoping to finish 3 more books this weekend before I start back on the project I was taking a break from but that's unlikely as I actually have other things I need to do. Darn it! I want to just curl up with a cup of coffee and read, read, read.