Monday, September 15, 2008

FYI Duarte on DCTV

That's Duarte, California, the site of the 6th Annual Festival of Authors which will be held this year on Saturday, October 4th. I will be there with my friend, author Liane Bonin, sharing a table and a panel and hoping people come chat with us! Ray Bradbury will be a featured speaker, as will be the prolific Stephen J. Cannell andDJ MacHale, author of the popular Pendragon series.

To publicize the event, author Phyllis Gebauer (Hot Widow) and I talked with Mary Barrow on her show, FYI Duarte, a local cable show in Duarte.

Talk about fun! First of all, Mary totally did her homework about Phyllis and me, figuring out the cool stuff we have in common, which would seem to be nonexistent based solely on the titles of our books.

Here are Phyllis and me with our books as we sit on the set, relaxing after our grueling interview.

Phyllis' Hot Widow is a memoir about her life after her husband passed away and no less a literary figure than Thomas Pynchon suggested the title! How awesome is that!

Here we are on the set with Mary.

We had a total blast talking about writing and books and marketing and why we're both so smart! Since the show is only local for Duarte residents, my Ninja Webmaster will get a copy of it and post it on the website.

You have got to check out my hair, which is seriously the best part of the interview for me.