Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

5 Selfish Things

1. My episode of Connie Martinson Talks Books was on in the San Francisco area Thursday morning, which is very cool and means that other parts of the country may eventually see me trying really hard not to look into the camera while simultaneously attempting to impress Connie.

2. The LA Triathlon is this Sunday which means...virtually nothing to me except the road closures may threaten my dance class which is down in the Wilshire/La Brea area. That would totally bum me out, much as I appreciate other peoples' interest in running, biking and swimming. I wonder how many people entered after being inspired by the Olympics.

3. Speaking of Olympics, I had an AMAZING *gold medal* celebrity sighting on Thursday morning. Check the Lite Snacks page of my website for more info.

4. I want to add knitting to the things I wish could help me earn a living.

5. Another round of thanks to all the people who entered last weekend's contests at the Page Flipper and YA Fresh. I loved every single comment that was left at the blogs and was really touched so many people were interested in winning my book.