Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

2 Fun Things to Do, 1 Very Cool Bit of Book News, and 1 Brand New VEE Review

1. Sunday, September 28, West Hollywood Book Fair. I'll be moderating (yes, me, that means I actually had to read everyone's fab books so I could ask them questions!) a YA author panel about writing about discrimination for teens. On the panel will be these 4 amazing authors: Lisa Yee (MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS and others), Joyce Lee Wong (SEEING EMILY), Janet Tashjian (TRU CONFESSIONS and others), and CG Watson (QUAD). We'll be there in the Fiction Pavilion at 1PM but come early and check out all the other fun stuff that's happening!

2. Saturday, October 4, Duarte Festival of Authors. I'll be hosting a table with my friend and fellow YA author, Liane Bonin (CELEBRITY SKIN) and later we will be on a YA lit panel, discussing our books and publishing and so on. You definitely don't want to miss us expounding on all that we know about that subject!

3. The magnificent author Eoin Colfer who wrote the super popular ARTEMIS FOWL books has been chosen to write the sixth book of the HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY trilogy, known affectionately among afficionados as HHGG. For those of you who only know the title as a pretty decent yet confusing movie starring Mos Def, the series was written by the late great Douglas Adams (who passed away almost a decade ago at a far-too-young age). I fell in love with these books when I read them originally and have since reread them about ten times each. I think of them as a literary equivalent of Monty Python comedy - funny and silly and very, very smart. But unbelievably funny. And amazingly silly. Colfer's novel will be published next year.

4. Reader Views Kids posted a fantastic review of ALL ABOUT VEE on their website (and cross posted very kindly on Amazon -thank you!). Check it out. I love how well-written and thoughtful the reviewer was and that she very specifically pointed out what she liked - and what she didn't like. I respect that as an author and I appreciate it as a reader. Thank you, Rachael and thank you, Reader Views!

And a P.S. Be sure to check out Harmony Book Reviews on Monday, September 29 for a guest blog by yours truly!