Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And Then There Were Three (Couples)

Say it ain't so! Josh and Shay are gone from the mansion on BATG. How could this happen? How could Jen and William beat those two lovable people?

As I have noted many, many times, William is a total and complete jerk when it comes to his partner and for someone who really shouldn't be so self-centered, he has an inordinately high self-esteem. He actually complained to the host and judge of the bartending challenge that HE should have won, instead of Dave. He later told the camera that Dave only won because of personality.


Have you NOT been paying attention to this entire social experiment?

The geeks are supposed to be learning that there is a lot more to a person, to having friends and girlfriends. than simply knowing stuff. Just having amassed a wide variety of facts and figures does not mean you are BETTER than anyone else. Thankfully, the other geeks who are left have recognized that about him and have been trying - none-too-successfully - to point out to him the rude error of his ways. He is a horrible, horrible person.

Sam and Dave and Jasmine (Nicole knew) are also learning much too late that they should NEVER have let William and Jen stay last time. They had a chance to get rid of them and didn't. Now it's every couple for themselves and if William and Jen win in the elimination room, well, that has nothing to do with partnership and everything to do with luck of the draw. Josh could easily have been the one with the extra question to tie but I guess he lost the toss of the coin.

On a lighter note, how cute was it when Dave tried to cheer Jasmine up by making brownies? He has come such a long way since the show began and he was snotty and didn't think he could ever learn anything from or teach anything to Jasmine. I'm so glad to hear them use words like "proud" when talking about each other.

This is such a frustrating show when you like the characters! I wonder if they will be doing a new season right away due to the strike. Although they probably ramped up the search for a new cast, they still have an entire process they have to go through that they might not have been able to hasten.

Your Hollywood connection,