Friday, November 16, 2007

Back to School

This morning I am headed off to do a couple of short writing presentations at a school in Pasadena and I have to admit to being a tad nervous about it. Although each group will be relatively small (15-20 students) and brief (40 or so minutes), I still don't really know what I will be saying to them! I sort of have an outline about the process of writing a novel, along with some hints about writing and rewriting but it's not like I have a multimedia slide show or handouts or anything.

During Teen Read Week, when CG Watson and I talked to her school in Chico, we talked about ourselves a bit, read a bit, and then answered questions. We had a blast! But it's just soooo much easier when you have a partner. It definitely takes the pressure off!

Today it will just be me! I hope they are kind and ask questions and pay attention as if I'm saying something that's actually interesting.

Stephen Chbosky, who wrote the amazing "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," once gave me a piece of advice when talking to schools so I think I will try to use it today and see if it works.

Crossing fingers...

Your Hollywood connection,