Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Love, Meg" Thanks and Giving

Thanks to:

--my parents for hosting me this summer when I was visiting the east coast for my book launch

--my brother for finding The Alphabet Garden for the east coast party

--Adam for getting me in at Book Soup on Harry Potter weekend and at RJ Julia's when they had no idea who I was

--Faye for always answering my lame questions and giving awesome speedy feedback when she knows I need it

--CG for bringing me up to Chico and introducing me to a whole new crop of readers

--Kristen for working tirelessly to get the book in front of the sales and marketing people

--Sherri for giving me the chance to talk to some amazing kids at Hillsides

--Book Divas and Teen Reads Too and Genrefluent and the Library Goddess and JenniferAnistonWatch and all the other blogs and sites that have supported the book

--Little Willow for giving me my first amazing interview

--Christina at Book Divas for giving me my second amazing interview

--All my friends and relatives who attended the readings in LA and Connecticut and actually bought copies of the book

--All the readers I have met and have yet to meet

--Head Honcho for doing his ninja webmaster thing

And Giving:

--If I could, I'd have you all over for apple pie.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Eat well and be happy...

Your Hollywood connection,