Monday, November 19, 2007

Leigh Finally Catches on to this YouTube Thing

While watching The Simpsons last night (an episode that began in classic awesome fashion with an alternate comic book store and great guest voices like Jack Black and Alan Moore but degenerated into lazy writing which was typical of last season when the writers were all working on the movie), I saw a parody of what I learned is an old video of the group Ok Go.

As a dancer and as someone who hates gyms and treadmills and can see no good use for them, I was so impressed by this video in which the 4 members of the band dance on treadmills. It was so incredibly clever I had to watch it twice! And it was all in one wide shot, one take. Very hard to do for any dancer - on a floor or a treadmill.

I'm gonna try to include it here in case there is someone in the world who has not seen it, like me.

All right, I don't know how to save this video so I can upload it to the post so you'll just have to click the link and check it out in YouTube.

Wayyyy cool.

So Happy Monday.

Your Hollywood connection,