Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reality Thursday

I was thinking about doing a regular Reality Roundup on Thursdays, perhaps, since I watch Kid Nation and Kitchen Nightmares on Wednesday and BATG on Tuesdays but then I realized that if the strike lasts past the holidays, every day will be Reality Roundup.

I noticed a toll free number at the end of Chef Gordon's's show last night in case you want to be on it. They are probably going to continue to cast as long as they can. They will simply keep the crews out there and send Ramsay from restaurant to restaurant if they need to. That's the only good thing from a reality standpoint: you might see another edition of your fave.

So anyway...on Nightmares last night: they profiled a pizza joint not far from me in Burbank called Sebastian's. What a pear-shaped loser this guy was! He refused to admit Gordon's ideas were better than his, that Gordon had more experience and was more successful than he and at one point, he broke into the production HQ next door! Dude, what the heck???

He was a total drama addict and he was, I think, convinced Gordon would visit his restaurant and see the potential it had for a franchise, which is all he babbled about: franchise and concept menu. He had an ego the size of Rhode Island which, if you know Gordon's ego, won't fit into the same room with him let alone share a camera frame. He was completely ungrateful for the opportunity Ramsay gave him to launch his place anew and ya know, good luck to him. His poor wife, who must be loaded since she didn't seem to mind sinking 300K into a restaurant run by a guy who uses frozen ingredients and "cooks" using a microwave, just wanted to take care of their baby who is ultimately the one who suffers his massive ego.

Kid Nation showcased the kids' creative talents and I must say, I was not terribly impressed, except by Laurel who had a lovely singing voice. But this isn't a dis on the kids! I think it's great that they're not all supertalented singers or dancers or actors. That makes them more loveable, more kid-like and not prodigies that a bunch of stage parents pushed forth onto the entertainment world to make their mark. I would much rather watch them suck. In a good way.

Your Hollwyood connection,

Can I just add one thing here: my Buddhist Thought for the Day has already repeated in the short time I've had the widget on my desktop. How is that possible? Didn't Buddha say, like, a lot of stuff?