Monday, November 5, 2007

Strike 3! They're Out!

Buddhist Thought for the Day: It is not for us to search but to remain still, to achieve immobility, not action.

Yes indeedy, the writers in Hollywood are on strike. The Teamsters aren’t picketing with them but individuals will be allowed by their union to honor the picket line if they feel it’s necessary. If this lasts until spring, they may be joined by the directors and actors, who also have contract renewals coming up in June - and both of those unions have similar interests in DVD residuals and internet revenue. Then we could be in for a very long and boring television season - not to mention Oscar season.

Potential Bonus: maybe more people will go back to reading books, in which case I’ve got a recommend for ya…read “Love, Meg.”

Always looking on the bright side.

Your Hollywood connection,