Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bad Move on BATG

Why oh why did those 2 couples choose William and Jen to remain on the show? We know why Sam did: he feels threatened by John and Natalie and didn't want to take the risk that they wouldn't be in the elimination room in the future. In other words, he was playing the show like a typical guy, not a beauty and not a geek. He was playing it like it was Survivor and frankly, if I wanted a show like that, I wouldn't be watching BATG.

The others, on the other hand, including his partner Nicole, know what the show is all about: learning from each other and being part of this social experiment. Dave knew because Dave learned. He made a conscious decision to be a better partner, to learn from his own partner and he succeeeded. Not only have they grown closer but he won the dance competition last night!

William is just so mean...calling Jen fat, being rude to her, talking about her behind her back. He's childish and shouldn't be there anymore and it's not fair to the others, especially Jen who has given him every opportunity to step up.

I wonder what it's like for people on reality shows to watch themselves, if they do. I know lots of actors won't watch their own movies because what they experienced on the set or in the scene has been completely edited away - for better or for worse. The same must be true of reality shows. There is certainly plenty of footage to choose from and the editors and producers make carefuly decisions about what to keep in and what not to show. They create the storylines for us, often by writing the narration of our host (which is why they are also writers and should be part of the WGA but that's another topic completely). A participant in one of these shows must look at the end result and say, "That's not me. That's not how it happened."

Or not.
I hope William sees just how horrible he has been to Jen and apologizes for it. It's too late to change his way - or so we have seen. And there are only 4 couples left. Let's hope he either gets his act together soon or gets tossed.

Your Hollywood connection,