Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Boldly Go

Along with MTM and Bewitched and Bob Newhart as shows that bring me back to a certain time and place in my life, I have to add Star Trek. The original series, an episode of which I saw the other night, reminds me of living in a brand new housing development in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania when my dad was working for a company that made him travel a lot. He drove a POS Aspen which he bought because he had rented one and loved it. My mom was driving a VW bus then. It was the fanciest house we ever lived in.

My brother and I used to skateboard up and down the hills of the development, past giant dogs - Dobermans, I think - which scared the heck out of us. I remember listening to ABBA with a neighbor who was French and decorating my bedroom with matching curtains and sheets in god-awful bright geometric shapes of yellow and blue and orange. I was in the hospital for pneumonia that winter and I remember nearly fainting at midnight mass. We only lived there for a year but I guess a lot happened.

My dad and I didn't do much together but we watched reruns of Star Trek.
Your Hollywood connection,