Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally, William is Gone!

I think the sign of a crazy person is when they believe television is real (see Brooke Shields in the classic Friends episode in which she thinks Joey is really his soap character). But what about reality television? Is that not real? Am I crazy to believe in BATG?

No. I'm not crazy.

But I am super happy! I was never so glad to watch a reality TV show as I was last night. First of all, my favorite team is winning - Jasmine and Dave the LARPER - and they won the wine-making challenge. Now, this couple is really the epitome of this show. They started out antagonistic, primarily due to Dave's lack of social graces, and turned into a great partnership. They learned from each other and they functioned as a wonderful support system for each other throughout the show. And this all came about because of Josh and Shay's admonishment of them weeks ago! They were almost chosen to be elminated that night, were it not for Josh's insistence that they start working as a team.

This couple deserves to win. They ARE what the show is about. Sam and Nicole are just a team, no learning or change involved, aside from Nicole's new hairstyle and contact lenses. And then there's William and Jen. Gone. GONE! I was sooo happy when they lost the challenge and then lost in the elimination room. And I do not for one second believe William when he said they were just getting the hang of working together. That's a total crock. I feel bad for Jen, of course, but I just wanted her pain to be over.

So...whew! On to the final week! Will Dave and Jasmine succeed and win the 250K? I sure hope so. But if not, they have done so amazingly well.

And now for me, on to the apple pie challenge! Will she make 2 apple pies? Will one burn? Will the crust fall? Stay tuned....

Your Hollywood connection,