Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kid Nation Redux

A blurb in the Sunday LA Times reminded people to get over their initial preconceptions about this show and give it a shot. I was so happy to read that! This show - and those kids - deserve to get the eyeballs. Since I'm not in the TV business anymore, I'm not keen to the show's numbers so I have NO idea how well it's doing in the ratings. All I know is that it's a great show and these are amazing kids and you should be watching.

Okay...what drama last night, eh? The districts were shaken up by some switching of team members which brought tremendous rebellion - and lots of anger. The worst by far was on the red team which saw the inclusion of gold star winner Nathan. The poor kid was discussed (more like dissected) by his new teammates while he stood right in front of his them! I believe them coming in last in the challenge was their karma for being so mean to him. Let them be laborers!

Then there was Blaine, the new member of the yellow district. Kudos to Zach who knew his team needed help. They're all so young and female and someone like Blaine can help them get stuff done and boy did he! He was a huge help in the challenge but he also kicked his team into gear and encouraged them to work hard. He definitely deserved the gold star for all he did.

On the negative side, Laurel, in an act of loyalty which became more selfish than anything else, refused to trade and kept her team intact. At first that seemed like a nice thing to do but it really wasn't fair to everyone else. And it wasn't very pro-Bonanza. Just pro-Green district.

So the upshot? Another council vote! Another shakeup in the town's leaders could result in some very interesting decisions being made - and a very different tone.

Your Hollywood connection,