Friday, May 2, 2008

Ending the Week with Awesomeness

1. Awesome television - aw, come on, you know the answer to this one: Lost. Another fantastic episode last night and HH and I are still trying to unravel the flash forwards. Obviously, in last night's show Jack and Kate are happy and isn't a drunken pill-popper. So we're assuming this episode precedes the very first flash forward we saw, right? Another question we wonder: in the future, does Jack realize he is Aaron's uncle?

2. Awesome movie trailers - The Robert Downey Jr. movie "Iron Man" opens today and that certainly does look like fun but honestly, it's "Hancock" that we're looking forward to. Comes out in June! Will Smith as a homeless superhero - yeah, baby!

3. Awesome library event - okay, so my writing workshop tomorrow at the West Hollywood Public Library on San Vicente isn't truly awesome but it could be if YOU come! I'll give away a copy of LOVE, MEG and I'll sign it and everything! 2:30PM until we finish talking.