Friday, May 23, 2008

Kudos to Cook!

Your new American Idol, as Ryan Seacrest would say. Honestly, this is the first Idol album I will actually buy.

I am visiting the east coast now so I learned 3 hours in advance that David Cook had won on Wednesday and I couldn't tell any of my Idol fan friends! Then I woke up and found 50 emails on our group list!

Anyway, it's all pretty much over now, but I have to say how thrilled I am that David C won. I made my mother watch it with me on Tuesday and Wednesday and even she loved him. She said David A was too young to sing some of the songs he was singing and she's right. It's just that he doesn't have a lot of life experience for some lyrics and that's okay. He has plenty of time to do things.

I was especially happy that Simon apologized to David C for being dismissive of him and proclaiming David A the winner. Whether he knew then that Cook had won or not, I don't know. I'd like to believe he knew he was wrong and should have been more fair to him. But then again, I want to believe in the basic humanity of most people.

Today I'm headed up to my college reunion where I'll be teaching a class on YA literature to other reunion folk. I hope people enjoy it!