Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From Around the Web...

One of the things about being a "new writer" is that every little thing seems so cool. Like every time I'm mentioned on the web, I get wicked excited.

I love to read posts about my books or to see where I'm reviewed.

I love getting MySpace and Facebook friend requests.

I love visiting my stats and seeing where people come from who view my blog and website.

I love seeing new things happening!

On Amazon, for instance, you can now view inside my books. You know that "Search Inside" feature? Well, my books have that now. Check it out here with Vee and here with Meg.

I'm also listed on the Borders website for an event I'm doing at the end of June in Farmington, Connecticut. See it here...there I am right at the bottom of the page. And when you click on my name, it'll tell you more about my book. I was so psyched to see that! It makes it, like, real!

Then there are blog mentions. Like here at Christina's blog, and here at Rachel's blog, and here at the Breaking News blog. Who wouldn't get excited about that? Maybe jaded writers, those who've been around a lot longer than me and have been through it all. But until I get there, I'll simply enjoy getting my tiny thrills.