Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whoo-hoo, Sedgwick Middle School!

Wow - Sedgwick Middle in West Hartford was A-MA-ZING!

Even though I knew I was going to be in an auditorium, I had NO idea so many students would be there. OMG - it was like two hundred, I think? All I know is that I made nowhere near enough cookies (yes, more cookies because Vee would want that, ya know?).

I had to use one of those handheld mikes. This is me looking oh-so-cool(It was my tribute to the final showdown on Idol tonight! Good thing no one asked me to sing!)

The students asked some great questions, like:

--What do I think of books being turned into movies? (some yes, some no, but mostly no because I have it all pictured in my head the way everyone should look)

--What genre of books do I prefer to read? (science fiction, absolutely)

--What famous authors have I met? (the fantastic Ray Bradbury)

--Do I have a lot of stories I want to write? (YES!!!)

--What keeps me writing? (all the stories in my head that I want to write)

--Do I ever get bored writing? (NEVER!)

--Was it hard keeping all the different Vee characters straight? (Yes, but that's because all their voices sound different to me)

And then they wanted to know about my schooling and the previous jobs I had and that was fun too. I showed them my website and a couple of the videos Ninja did for me and they liked those but they had so many questions! I wish I could have kept answering them.

If any Sedgwick student reads this and has more questions, please email me!!

And then at the end I met a group of girls who had read my books or were on the waiting list for them, which is very cool. Some of them want to be writers too!

So even though I was scared to death walking into that auditorium, I left feeling really terrific. I had a great afternoon. Thanks to Shannon McNeice and all the teachers at Sedgwick - and the amazing students!

Tomorrow I am headed to Cheshire High (my alma mater!). Btw, Rachel has extended the deadline for the VEE contest so get on over there and enter to win yourself a FREE copy. Free Vee! LOL! I love it...