Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Idol 3-Fer

Have I already declared that David Cook truly rules Idol?

I know, I know: David Archuleta has long been anointed as The Chosen One but after last night, I think I figured out why I prefer Cook. Archuleta, as perfect as he is, as adorable as he is, is predictable. We know he will do well on every song he sings. We know he will look into the camera at just the right moment. We know the pit grrrls will scream and wave their arms whenever he looks their way. There is no element of surprise.

On the other hand, David C could do anything with any song. Like the Roberta Flack song last night...he started singing a la Flack, beautiful notes, nice and slow, and then rocked it out. He showed us, yes, he can sing a song the way you expect but then wham! Turn it around and show us what it could be. That's the unpredictability that I love about him. That's why I will buy his first album, sans Idolettes.

As for Syesha, I appreciate her talent and her beauty. But last night was not her trying to win Idol. Last night was her audition for a Broadway show. C'mon, "Fever"? That is not the song you pick when you know who the voting demographic is. The people voting are not gonna like a vampy lounge act. And especially when it's not even sung that well. Sorry, Syesha. She knows she's not winning which is why she completely ignored the voting blocs and sang for the producers who are casting their next shows.

No need to play crystal ball today. Syesha is definitely headed home and the final showdown will be between the two Davids.

Bonus Round **HK spoilers!!**

Okay, how happy was I to see Ben get chucked off Hell's Kitchen last night? That was an awesome episode! From the "palate-testing" contest (yay, Mattie, showing your chops!!) to the manipulative Survivor-like behavior Ben attempted to rope his buddies into, this was an all around excellent show. I was so glad to see Ben exposed for exactly what Matt said he was: a bully who was looking to scapegoat. Once Matt was gone, Ben turned to Louross to be the next to suffer. I appreciated seeing Petrozza be a mature good guy and refuse to play into Ben's hands. As for next week...I predict Christina will be the one to go to the men's team. Matt will definitely not go and Corey seems determined to remain where she is, leaving Jen, Rosann and Christina and since we already know Christina feels like Corey and Jen are out to get her, she may just take this opportunity to move to a new team. Whoo-hoo! Can't wait!