Friday, May 30, 2008

Get this stuff out of my head!

You know when your brain is full of so many things all at once, some of which have nothing to do with each other, and you're afraid to stop and take a breather because you're afraid you'll fall behind?

Yeah, that's me. My brain is full. I need to clean house.

1. My WIP (work in progress) is done. Well, the first draft is done but it's wayyy too long. It's 96K which is about 30K too much so I will need to cut about a third of it. I almost didn't follow my own advice, which is to JUST FINISH IT! I was about to stop before the last few scenes were written (for a number of reasons but one of which was that I was just plain depressed about it) and then HH reminded me that I was not doing what I tell everyone else to do. So I plowed on through, knowing that I will have to make some major revisions before anyone can read page one, but that's okay because NOW IT'S DONE and I have something to revise.

2. ALL ABOUT VEE got an amazing review at Pajama Mommy! Oh, I was so thrilled when my Google alerts sent me the link. Please check it out when you can. I definitely have to link this one to my website. She called it a "must-read"! How much do I love that??

3. ALL ABOUT VEE also got an amazing review at Chandra Rooney's Good Karma Reviews! Thank you again, Google alerts! btw, I love her description of her blog: "making the internet a nicer place one week at a time." It so perfectly fits with her review of the book! Take a gander over there too. This one is another for the website! And can I also mention how I love that she takes VEE seriously, that she doesn't consider the book "lightweight" (no pun intended, I swear...)?

4. LOST is gone for another year. This makes me unreasonably sad. I swear the shortest hours of the day are the ones when LOST is on. HH and I are total freaks. Okay, that's enough. I'm sad again.

5. This weekend is Book Expo America (BEA) here in LA and every writer I know is attending. It's a huge show at the LA Convention Center. I'm very excited but a little nervous. There will be LOTS of authors (not just us YA writers), TONS of books, and MANY, MANY publishers and agents. This is a big show for booksellers and librarians to find out what's hot, what's new, and what books they should look out for. Hint: You can't go wrong with a book by C. Leigh Purtill. LOL!!

Okay, one more...

6. I still haven't seen "Indy 4" but I will very soon. I promise! Ninja Webmaster has been bugging me about this for weeks so I have to see it before everyone he knows has spoiled it for him.

All right, that's some of the stuff in my head. Now I have to tackle the emails...