Tuesday, February 26, 2008

6 Weeks 'Til the New Book!!

Holy cats! My new novel, ALL ABOUT VEE, will be out in 6 weeks! How did this sneak up on me? Last year, when my first book was coming out, I knew exactly how many days and hours until the official release yet somehow, it's almost like I forgot VEE!

I wonder if big-time authors who've published ten or twenty or fifty books become blase about the whole thing. Is it just another book to them? Are they so involved in their next book that they don't even notice the new one is out?

Meg Cabot, in her blog diary, noted that she forgot her new book was out! In her February 8 entry, she wrote about her first middle grade novel: It turns out I have a new book out in stores.

Whoa! How do you forget a thing like that? Now, here is a woman who has had so many novels published in different genres, for different audiences, and she's so busy with other things, like appearances and emails and contests, that it's no wonder she forgot.

Btw, I get overwhelmed just reading Meg's blog and website! I can't begin to imagine what it's like to actually be her...

So I have to begin planning some VEE stuff. Ninja Webmaster and I are totally psyched to add some new stuff to the website. And I definitely want to get out and see the people who are so lovely and buying my books so we'll probably do some events here and on the east coast this spring and summer. If anyone out there in the blogosphere wants me to come do a visit at their school or local library, email me!