Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AI Boys: Who Will Go Home?

Let's start with the positive stuff about last night's Idol: the top 3 boys clearly are David A, Jason and Michael, if you listen to Simon. Randy and Paula were wishy washy about most of the others without condemning them outright to the bottom three. David A (whom HH thinks is being insincere about his awkwardness - you knew he was on Star Search, yes?) is a hot young pop star that will - and did - make the girls scream. He's got the smile, the hair, the voice and the cute personality. He will go very far. Jason gets the alt vote from all those people who watch the show but pretend they don't. And Michael (once he gets over his Jim Morrison impersonation and lets himself be himself) is the only real manly man out there and will get the votes from all the middleaged men and women.

Now the bottom three...sorry Luke, you're cute and you have a nice smile but seriously, what was up with that jacket and that high pitched song? He looked like he just stepped off the street and onto the stage. Garrett was okay but really needed to cut his hair or do something to sweep it off his face and he needed to do something unusual with his song to make it stand out. As for number 3, that's a toughy: I liked Chikezie and Jason both but of the two, Jason - although polished and pleasant - seemed to have too little energy for this show. I say it will be Luke, Garrett and Jason in the bottom 3 on Thursday night.

So far I don't see the appeal of Colton, whom the judges seem to like. He's cute and he could do well in a group, like a boy band, but on his own, he doesn't seem strong enough.

And the others blended into the woodwork - neither pleasant nor un-.